Polo Rucksack pwhLz

Polo Rucksack
  • length 42 cm x width 39 cm x depth 12 cm
  • made in italy
  • 100% cowhide
  • length-adjustable wear belts
fan spacious main compartment with various
material & product details

Als edles Verstautalent ist der Damen Leder Rucksack aus 100% Rindleder ein unverzichtbares Accessoire für Ihren Alltag. Besonders flach aber dennoch geräumig und mit vielzähligen Verstaumöglichkeiten wird das Ordnunghalten von nun an leicht gemacht. Ihre Einkäufe und Business-Unterlagen finden in dem klassisch-schicken Modell ohne Probleme Platz.

Damen Leder Rucksack im Detail:

* Made in Italy

* 100% Rindleder

* längenverstellbare Tragegurte

* Reißverschlussfach auf der Rückseite

* geräumiges Hauptfach mit Reißverschluss

* 2 Reißverschlussfächer auf der Front

* 2 Steckfächer und Reißverschlussfach innen

* praktischer Tragehenkel

* dezente Logo-Prägung auf der Front

Länge: 42 cm

Breite: 39 cm

kürzeste Seite: 12 cm

A4-Ordner: ja (max 7 cm breit)

Außenmaterial: 100% Rindleder

Größe: onesize

handgepäcktauglich: ja

Hauptverschluss: Reißverschluss

Innenfarbe: natur

Innenmaterial: Synthetik

Innenoptik: kontrastfarbig

Eigengewicht: 800 g

Optik Oberfläche: finished glänzend

Schultergurt: ja (verstellbar)

Volumen: 195 l

Schultergurt (Länge in cm): max. 087 cm
Polo Rucksack Polo Rucksack Polo Rucksack Polo Rucksack
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If you find the room is already booked, please do email [email protected] and we will be straight back in touch if there is a cancellation or we may well be able to seat your party downstairs in the main restaurant.

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Venus-like exoplanets might not be super-heated hothouses, say scientists. Evidence is mounting that even Venus itself could have supported liquid oceans as recently as 750 million years ago, says Michael Way, an atmospheric scientist at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City.

Venus is dry now, but based on isotope ratios of hydrogen in its present atmosphere, scientists can calculate how much water it once had, Way said at a NASA-sponsored symposium called Passivated Gatti Scarf Viscous
in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Based on these ratios, it appears that Venus has lost Dicota Notebookrucksack Backpack Mission 14 156 Zy3EwPEK
, which means it might once have had enough to cover it to a depth of several hundred meters. Exactly how much is a bit vague (estimates vary by a factor of a hundred) but either way, Way says, there would have been enough to form sizeable oceans or at least lakes.

Assuming that the early atmosphere of Venus was similar to Earth’s (not unlikely, because the two planets are so close in size and composition that they are often viewed as twins), he says, it’s possible to use climate models to calculate the Venusian climate as the Sun steadily warmed and Venus moved from receiving about 35 percent more solar energy than the modern Earth to 90 percent more.

The result, Way says, is surprising: even if Venus started with very little water, it would not only have retained it but would have been quite temperate, even as recently as 715 million years ago.

A number of factors appear to play into this remarkable result. One is that Venus is rotating slowly, with a Venusian day lasting nearly as long as 117 Earth days. This slow rotation would have allowed a younger, potentially habitable, Venus to build up a layer of clouds on its sunward side, reflecting a lot of solar energy back into space. On a faster rotating Venus-like world, the clouds wouldn’t form until afternoon, when the sun is no longer high enough to block as much solar energy.

What this means for exoplanets is that the habitability of Venus-like worlds close to their suns might depend on their rotation rates – something that exoplanet hunters can’t yet determine.

“It will be ten to fifteen years before we get rotation rate data on these exoplanets,” Way says, “but it will probably tell us a lot.”

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By Katie Cornell

Not interested in braving the shopping crowds? Visit online stores of notable East Bay artisans to check out goods sold exclusively on the web, or that are hard to find in stores.

Casa Murriguez offers tea towels featuring hand-drawn illustrations by founder Sharon Murriguez, custom-made street sign pillows, and handmade gift tags shaped like phonographs and typewriters, among other original pieces atwww.casamurriguez.com.

Casa Murriguez

Oaktown Blooms puts a twist on flower giving with the softball-size “sprouted cannonballs,” consisting of air plants, succulents, branches, and seed pods, as well as modern arrangements that incorporate artwork and other surprising accents over at www.oaktownblooms.com

Oaktown Blooms

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear spins her line of gunmetal-gray vests, boatneck sweaters and dresses woven with multiple colors creating a spin-art effect, and zigzag-patterned beanies from organic Merino wool yarn at www.myrrhia.com.

Myrrhia Fine Knitwear

The Oakland Chocolate Company is on its way to opening a tasting room, but in the meantime, order the fair-trade chocolates online or find them at local farmers’ markets. Chocolatier Nancy Nadel works with cocoa farmers at Jamaica’s Parish of St. Mary to create rich bars, nibs, and bonbons available at www.theoaklandchocolateco.com.

The Oakland Chocolate Company

LisaBBowman knows how to get kids excited about receiving clothes as a gift. She knits arm warmers complete with Superman and Wonder Woman emblems, making little ones feel like winter-ready superheroes. Another fun way to bundle up this winter is the pencil scarf. Find more for kids and adults at etsy.com/shop/lisaBbowman.


This article appears in the December2013 issue of Oakland Magazine

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